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Robust Indirect Auto Lending SoftwareCUAC’s Application Provider Service (APS) is for those moderate to large size Credit Unions or CUSOs that are looking to operate their own indirect lending program but need assistance with technology, best practices, policies, procedures etc. With our APS program, allow us to supercharge your indirect program by providing you with industry leading technology including our state-of-the-art Loan Origination Software platform, access to DealerTrack and RouteOne as well as eContracting, DDS and our FaxFunding solutions. With over 20 years of experience in a vast array of markets across the U.S., CUAC will provide you with all the tools and expertise to operate your own indirect program.

Robust Indirect Auto Lending Software

By utilizing CUAC’s APS program, your credit union indirect auto lending program will benefit from industry leading Loan Origination Software that is integrated with all components needed for success. From connections to Dealertrack, RouteOne  and web based application entry portals, to multi lender decision capability with immeasurable flexibility on auto decisions to complete integration with most all core systems, CUAC’s APS technology provides your Credit Union with all the tools needed to operate a successful program.

Designed to Complement Your Lending Strategy

Many point-of-sale indirect solutions are a one size fits all. With CUAC APS program, it is a completely customizable a la carte type approach that will be designed specifically for your Credit Union’s needs. Whether you need assistance with underwriting, loan discounting, compliance or dealer representation, the APS program allows you to tailor a solution that complements your lending goals. Don’t settle for a plug and play solution that requires your Credit Union to settle.

Control is Key

The CUAC APS program allows your Credit Union to control every aspect of your indirect offering. This includes dealers, rate, risk and volume. Do not settle for programs that force your Credit Union to take business from unscrupulous dealers, has pre-determined policies or practices that does not generate the type of paper you desire or programs that profit from enlisting dealers or procure loans that are not in line with your lending goals. Let CUAC show you how to achieve the results you are looking for while not sacrificing on loan quality.

If you need point-of-sale auto financing or indirect auto lending solutions, call CUAC today at 1.866.970.2822. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your Credit Union.

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