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Revenue Generating OpportunitiesCUAC is the premier source for point-of-sale, indirect auto lending software for Credit Unions. We work with Credit Unions across the country to implement indirect auto lending solutions that work hand-in-hand with your current processes. As a participant in the CUAC APS program, your Credit Union will be provided a private label member car shopping website that allows you to generate revenue by charging your dealers for access and inventory placement. Why settle for a program that enjoys all of the revenue generated from charging dealers for access to YOUR members and YOUR indirect program?

Private Label Car Shopping

With the member car buying website provided with the CUAC APS program, your members will take advantage of reviewing your dealers’ inventory, communicating with the Credit Union to get pre-approved and other tools to help ensure that you capture your members’ loans. By utilizing the car buying website, your indirect offering will be a completely new value-add for participating dealers. In addition to creating new revenue opportunities for your Credit Union, your indirect program will be much more attractive to local dealers due to their increased sales opportunities. More than 80% of consumers begin their auto search online. Don’t allow your members to visit manufacturer or dealer websites that will bombard them with finance opportunities. Make sure that all of their car shopping and financing efforts are contained within your own private label solution. Allow CUAC to show you how harnessing this great technology will strengthen your indirect program as well as provide a great new tool to your members for car shopping.

How It Works

The CUAC APS program provides your Credit Union with a privately labeled auto buying website for your members. Your site – your name! Your customized car buying website will include your logo, colors, theme etc. so that it is seamless to your members. Your members will be able to shop for used vehicles, check the value of their trade-in, review the Credit Union’s rates and terms as well as apply for a loan. Don’t allow your members to find other financing opportunities through other internet channels. The car buying website will give your members all the tools they need to locate and finance the car of their dreams.

At CUAC, we specialize in providing you with indirect auto lending solutions that suit your needs and the requirements of your members. We work with you to implement the cutting-edge solutions necessary to compete effectively in the modern point-of-sale auto financing marketplace. Call us today at 1.866.970.2822. The CUAC team will be happy to discuss the revenue generating opportunities available through CUAC.