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Benefits of Indirect LendingAt CUAC, we are committed to providing Credit Unions with the most advanced and practical solutions for point-of-sale auto financing in the marketplace. Our indirect auto lending solutions provide your Credit Union with the tools you need to expand your loan portfolio and to serve your members more effectively. Here are some of the most important benefits of a responsible indirect auto lending solution.

Building Your Auto Loan Portfolio

CUAC puts you in control of your indirect program so that you grow your auto loan portfolio in a responsible manner. This includes control over dealers, risk, rates etc. The indirect landscape can be difficult to navigate. With our industry-leading technology and over 20 years of experience, CUAC can provide you with the tools and expertise to ensure that your Credit Union significantly grows its portfolio in a safe way.

Increasing New Member Opportunities

One of the most important reasons for utilizing an indirect program is the ability to create new member loans. It is imperative that Credit Unions be at the point-of-sale for their members to compete against captive finance companies, national & regional banks as well as its local competitors. With auto loans becoming more and more of a commodity, it is important to not only increase membership size; but, also capture new members that provide cross-sell opportunities for the Credit Union. Allow CUAC to share its best practices on accomplishing both.

Diversifying Loan Mix

In today’s lending environment, it is essential that Credit Unions diversify their loan mix. Not simply so that they can service all of their members’ needs; however, to also diversify their portfolio mix. With point-of-sale opportunities on a variety of products, Credit Unions can greatly broaden their loan portfolios with responsible levels of risk and return.