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Full Service POS for Credit UnionsCUAC’s Full Service indirect lending program is designed for those smaller to medium size Credit Unions that do not have the lending expertise or other staff resources to run an indirect program on their own. The Full Service program provides all of the key components for your Credit Union to provide an indirect program to their members without the investment in hardware, software and resources to operate the program.

Staff Training

The CUAC team will provide a comprehensive training program to your staff so that all aspects of indirect lending are understood. This training will include all policies and procedures utilized in the underwriting process, all compliance related components and document delivery and retention strategies. CUAC also provides ongoing training and support so that your staff is well versed in the indirect program and how it affects your members.

Dealer Representation

CUAC can assist your Credit Union with the cumbersome process of signing dealers up on your program and the day to day dealer representation responsibilities. We can also assist you with all sign up forms and compliance related documents include dealer agreements, policies, procedures etc. Flexibility is key with CUAC and our multitude of offerings; our a la carte approach allows you to determine exactly where you need assistance.

Loan Underwriting

In addition to our powerful decisioning tool, CUAC provides a dedicated team of seasoned individuals on the Full Service program to decision loans on your behalf. Take advantage of our tried and true loan policy and advanced score cards to ensure that your Credit Union is putting on quality loans. CUAC’s Loan Origination Software for indirect lending puts a robust set of analytical tools that allows our staff to decision loans quickly and efficiently.

Loan Processing

With CUAC’s Full Service program, rest assured that your loans will be funded with quality as our #1 focus. CUAC takes care of all compliance related components such as OFAC/CIP, Red Flag, MLA as well as all federal and state regulations. Our state-of-the art technology ensures that loans are funded quickly & efficiently and all documents are delivered to your Credit Union in a safe manner. Let CUAC show you how our Full Service program maximizes technology and over 20 years of experience to drive the indirect lending industry in a new direction!

If you need point-of-sale auto financing or indirect auto lending solutions, call CUAC today at 1.866.970.2822. We look forward to the opportunity to work with your Credit Union.

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